activities in robertsport

Whether you are a surfer or not, there are more than enough activities and things to see to keep you having a great time. Take a look.


Robertsport is home to some world class spearfishing, deep sea fishing and snorkeling.

With the biggest lake in West Africa (Lake Piso) connecting to the ocean here in Robertsport the (Lake Piso Estuary) has created one of the most biologically diverse marine environments in the world. That along with a few shipwrecks and some amazing hidden reefs creates an ideal spot to discover or catch the biggest fish you have ever seen.


With some of the last primary growth rainforest on earth, sometimes it’s nice to get lost in the jungle for a while.

Partake in a guided Jungle Trek or a Canoe Building Tour and experience the lush beauty Robertsport has to offer.  Find naturally growing cinnamon, learn to drink water from a tree branch, or see how a tree is hollowed out to create a fishing canoe.



We have soft-top longboards as well as a range of used shortboards. However, the quiver is always changing due to surfboard damage or surfboard donation. 


Surfboard Rentals

$10/hour or $30/day. We also encourage guests to pay an additional $10 as insurance to protect against any damage to your board or rental equipment.

Surf Lessons

$30 for hour and half of one on one instruction + 1 hour of board usage following lesson. All of our surf lessons are given by local surfers that have been trained in water safety as well as proper surf etiquette and coaching so you can rest assured knowing that you are in good hands .

Guided Surf Trips

$25 per day. This includes one local surfer to be your guide throughout the day, show you the different spots, educate you about them and make sure you are getting the most out of your surf trip.


Lake Piso is the largest lake in West Africa and with all of the secret corners of the lake there is always something new to see.

Go for a guided sunset stroll in a traditional dugout canoe, master the art of lake fishing, or take our motor boat “Gari Boy” for a cultural village visit across the lake.


Liberia is rich with culture and history and Robertsport has it’s own unique story.  We encourage you to take place in some of our Cultural Experiences or Historical Tours.

Come take our “Introduction to Vai” course, taught by Old Pa Momo Darcy, so you can greet the locals or earn some real street cred by participating in our “Liberian English 101” program.  You can also learn to make your own Liberian pepper sauce or take in the history of Robertsport on a laid back walking tour. 


Unwind and relax with some simple yoga stretches that are enjoyable for all levels.

Sunset Yoga Sessions and Sunday Yoga Brunch Sessions are taught on request by Robertsport local, Emmanuel Freeman, at our shady Kwepunha Villas Sandbox Patio.