Our volunteer is heading home.


We just wanted to share a special thanks to Zach Cameron who has been our volunteer on the ground in Robertsport over the last 3 months.

Zach has played a fundamental role in helping us run our Junior Lifeguarding Program, establish new roles/responsibilities for our staff and find ways to streamline our operations. Zach is also one of just a few people that remained on the ground, kept calm and helped prove that despite what occurs within the country, we will stand beside them. He has patiently taken time to educate Robertsport community members about the Ebola Virus, helped raise awareness on preventative measures/safety protocol as well as disseminated fact from fiction regarding the virus as it has spread and become a national emergency within the country.

With new actions being taken such as a community quarantines, a countrywide curfew, the Liberian Navy intercepting fleeing boats and more, we are happy to know Zach is safely on his way out of the country and will soon be back home in San Diego. It feels really good knowing that despite all the crazy developments that have taken place during Zach's stay, he couldn't help but tell us how sad he was to leave and that he will most definitely be back in the near future.

Thanks again Zach, your commitment and passion for the community during the recent weeks has definitely made a lasting impact on lives here in Robertsport not to mention your earned status as the best skateboarder in Liberia. Yew!!