Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have Wifi?

Wifi is not available in Robertsport.  Internet is available through USB sticks that run through the cell towers.  Internet can be made available if needed.

Is there an ATM? Or Should I bring cash?

There are ATMs in the capital city of Monrovia, but it is best to have cash when you arrive.  The amount of cash you should bring depends on your length of stay.  There are no ATMs in Robertsport, but if needed there are money grams and Western Union are available.

What currency does Liberia use?

The national currency is the Liberian Dollar (LDs) but all places accept USDollars.

What language do Liberians speak?

English is the national language.  Liberia has 16 tribal languages. In the village of Robertsport there are two tribal languages called Vai and Kru.  Overall it is easy to communicate as English is spoken by most Liberians.

Is there A/C at Kwepunha?

There is no A/C.  Typically the temperature is comfortable, but based on personal preference it is good to bring a small battery powered fan.

Is there power at Kwepunha?

There is generator power at both properties.

  • The generator at the Retreat runs during the hours of 6pm – 11pm.
  • The Villas have power from 7pm – 7am. 

What type of adapters do you need?

For charging small electronics there are U.S. outlets at Kwepunha, but throughout the country there is a mixture or European and US outlets, so it is best to bring along an international adapter.

What is the drinking water situation?

Drinking water all needs to be filtered. Bottled water or bagged water is available for purchase at Kwepunha Retreat.