Preparing for your trip to Liberia

There are a few things you must to do to prepare for your travel to Liberia and to making your way to the Robertsport where Kwepunha Retreat is located.

Travelers are required to purchase a Visa before entering the country.  It is important to allow yourself enough time to complete the Visa process prior to your trip.  We recommend allowing at least 3 weeks for your Visa to process.


A passport and a visa are required for entry, as is evidence of yellow fever vaccination. Immigration officials do not issue visas at the airport. Persons arriving without a visa may be deported immediately, without being permitted to exit the airport.  There are no Visas available upon arrival.

For the latest information on entry requirements, visa fees, and the airport tax for Liberia, contact the Embassy of the Republic of Liberia at 5201 16th Street NW, Washington, DC 20011, tel. (202) 723-0437, or visit the Embassy of Liberia website. Overseas, inquiries should be made at the nearest Liberian embassy or consulate.

Liberia Visa Requirements and Fees

(last updated 2.10.14)

Please allow at least 3 weeks for the application process to be completed before your travel to ensure the process is completed appropriately. 

If you have concerns about your timeframe you can contact the embassy directly.

US Citizens:
Single Entry: 1-3 Months US $131
Multiple Entry: 1 Year US $200
Multiple Entry: 2 Year US $300
Multiple Entry: 3 Year US $400

Documents required to obtain Visa:

  1. Liberian visa application form. Please fill out, print and sign form.
  2. Original United States passport with at least 6 months remaining validity.
  3. Passport-type photographs: 2
  4. Itinerary. Copy of round trip tickets or confirmed itinerary.
  5. Copy of International Certificate of Vaccination for Yellow Fever.

Payments: ABSOLUTELY NO cash or personal checks accepted. All fees are non-refundable. All fees are to be paid in US Dollars via money order, cashier checks or bank draft. Make payable to: Embassy of Liberia.


Monrovia is the capitol city you will arrive at when flying in to Liberia.  Surf Resource Network & Kwepunha Retreat are located 3 ½ hours North of Monrovia.

Please be careful when selecting the airport for when booking your ticket. The airport code is ROB.  Note there is also an airport listing in Liberia, Costa Rica *** you DO NOT want to choose this location. Be sure you are selecting Monrovia, Liberia (ROB)


We can help to arrange all transportation from the airport to the Retreat. Typically it is about $150 for a private taxi from the airport to Robertsport where we are located.

You can send inquiries to arrange transportation once you book your flight to:


Please use the information below as a recommendation only as each persons needs differ therefore doctors might have a different recommendation for you.

It’s always best to consult your local travel clinic before traveling abroad to countries with known increased risk for infection or disease to best prepare yourself. For the U.S. CDC’s latest recommendations please visit link below:


Yellow fever vaccine is required when applying for your Visa to Liberia.  When getting your vaccination make sure to ask your healthcare provider to give you an international vaccine card showing you have obtained the vaccination. You will also need to carry the vaccination card with you upon entering the country when showing your passport.

Malaria treatment is available in Liberia but it is recommended by the U.S. CDC to prepare for your travels to Liberia by bringing Malaria medication.

Malaria Recommendations for Liberia:

Malarone (or the cheaper-generic versions are usually approved by most insurance companies) are taken once a day.  Other options are Doxycycline, which are taken once a week but can make you sensitive to the sun (not the best for equatorial Africa).  Lyrium is also another common option, but not recommended due to adverse side effects.

Please always consult your healthcare provider about your best options prior to travel. Most Malaria medications require that you start them before your trip. This will help ensure the medication is in your system prior to entering the country. If Malaria is contracted while on your trip, treatments are available in the country. 

Kwepunha provides mosquito nets for sleeping.


Typhoid is not required to enter the country, but recommended by the U.S CDC


Average outdoor temperature annually is 80° F (26.5° C) and water temperature averages 84° F (29° C).

Wetsuits not needed typically, but during the rainy season some people enjoy a wetsuit top for wind protection.

Since this is equatorial Africa you can easily get burned here with too much sun exposure.  If you have fare skin it may be wise to wear a rash guard or spring suit top to protect from the sun.

Rainy season is June – September. It can rain at all times of the year so, bring a lightweight jacket or rain ponchos.


• Headlamp
• Rain Jacket or Poncho
• International power adapter
• Small Battery Powered Fan
• Bug Spray
• Batteries (Rechargeable are best)

• Snacks (cliff bars, beef jerky, etc.)
• Vitamins/Protein powder
• Electrolyte Powder/Gatorade
• Books/Kindle
• Sunscreen
• Diarrhea and Cold Medications


Surfers that travel to the region are encouraged to bring a surfboard or two to leave behind for the Liberian Surfing Federation, as there are about 40 kids sharing 8 boards at the moment. Some other items to bring include the following:

  • Surfboards
  • Ding Repair
  • Board Wax
  • Rash Guard
  • Leashes
  • Extra Fins