our organizational partnerships

At Kwepunha Retreat we carefully select partners that share our vision for the benefit of the Robertsport, Liberia community. Our work would not be possible without their support.

Surf Resource Liberia

Surf Resource is our primary partner for our community projects on the ground in Robertsport. This is the organization we share our profits with and the organization that runs our youth mentoring, Liberian Surfing Federation and Sanitation programming on a day to day basis.

SDSU Center for Surf Research

San Diego State University's Center for Surf Research is the first of its kind in the world. With the goal of improving the impact of Surf Tourism on developing communities around the world and a desire to place students in impacting and educational environments to better understand the relationship between business and community.

Groundswell Educational Travel

Groundswell is a organization that hosts educational excursions to teach students about sustainability, hospitality and tourism and the value that creates for surf rich communities. Participants that are involved with groundswell get a first hand opportunity to learn these fields all while earning credit towards educational purposes.

International Surfing Association

The ISA is the worlds only surfing based organization that is recognized by the international Olympic Committee. With the goal of surfing one day becoming an Olympic sport, the International Surfing Association is an ideal partner to help us expand the surfing market in Liberia.

San diego state university

Kwepunha Retreat and Surf Resource Liberia were spawned by two alumni of San Diego State University and we often utilize our valuable contacts and networks at the university to improve or efforts and leverage our visibility. Additionally, Kwepunha Retreat has become a case study and a live classroom for SDSU students studying hospitality and tourism.

falmouth university

Falmouth University, located in England, has incorporated Kwepunha Retreat into the curriculum for their new “Cultural Tourism Management” program, where students will get to learn from our experiences and provide valuable input and brainpower to help us grow.

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