Surfing in Liberia

There are surf breaks for ALL levels of surfers! Here is a breakdown of spots in Robertsport and elsewhere.

Robertsport:  There are several Left pointbreaks in Robertsport.  All points are sand bottom and the furthest points pick up more swell, so it is really easy to pick a wave that suits your experience and comfort level. You can get a pretty good idea of the conditions by checking the Magic Seaweed surf report for Cotton Trees or by clicking the button below.

Wind & Weather reports are not easy to predict in West Africa but it doesn't take much swell to get the points here going (2.5ft+ is when it starts to get good).

Spots to Surf

Fishermans Point

Right in front of both Kwepunha properties and a true gem. Seldom comes to life, but when it does it is one of the longest waves in the world. When it is good, this spot is for Intermediate – Experienced surfers only.

Cotton Tree's (Cotton's)

Cotton Tree Point is probably the best and most consistent wave in Robertsport. It is comprised of the outside and inside sections. Outside Cotton's (top of the point) is a super bowly, often hollow wave that is a super fun and long wave. Inside Cotton's often connects with the outside for some of the longest and best rides of your life but when its not connecting its either a great spot to learn on the smaller days or a super square barrel with a slabby takeoff. This wave is great for all levels of surfers but when its really good then leave it for more experienced surfers or risk you and your board getting washed over 1/2 a mile of boulders on the inside...


This is a great spot for all levels of surfers and it is also a great point break. Always a little bigger than Cotton's but it is a great wave to surf at all sizes and will always throw a bit of everything at you. You can either paddle out at the beach on the inside or find the keyhole in between the rocks at the top of the point and time it right.


Turtles (formerly known as Loco's) is a great spot when the waves are small and one of the best during the dry season (January — April). The wave is almost a point break/reef break combo but offers up some really fun surf on a very secluded beach. It is the farthest spot to get to in Robertsport and also the most exposed to heavy wind but it is a super fun, open faced wave that is almost always breaking when everything else is flat.

Other spots

After living in Robertsport a few years we have been privileged to have time to explore and discover some amazing waves that very few peope, if any, have ever surfed. From a super hollow point break to really fun, wedgy beachbreaks we have discovered some real diamonds. The only problem is, we aren't telling you where they are, you have to come visit...


The capital city of Monrovia has a variety of left and right beach break waves along with a few point breaks as well.  The rip currents are strong in this region and only recommended to experienced surfers.