meet our team

The kwepunha team is comprised of 12 personable, happy and skilled staff that have become our Liberian family over the last few years.

As much as we would like to give everyone credit, there is at least another 40 people that have helped and continue to help us on a daily basis that are not listed on this site and to those people we give our heart felt thanks and appreciation for their support.


Management Team



Housekeeping Manager / Head Chef
From the day we opened our doors Esi was there. She is the heart and soul of our business and a driving force of our continued success. Over 2,000 meals have been masterfully prepared by our ma.

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Assistant Manager / Chef
Alphanso is one of Robertsports first surfers, a passionate photographer/cook and one of the most focused, dedicated and driven members of the team. We couldn't do it without Fonzie.


Peter Yarngo

Assistant Manager / Housekeeping
Peter is Kwepunha's very own stylemaster. If there is anyone you want to have with you in a sticky situation, Peter is the guy. On a day to day basis Peter helps us manage our housekeeping team as well as handle any logistical situations we need.


Forster Chambers

Logistics Manager / Electrician
Foster is a man of many hats. From wiring both properties with Electricity to sourcing our food, supplies and guest transport to finding new staff, Forster is the guy to go to.


Daniel Hopkins

Co Owner / Director of Development
I am a graphic designer by trade, a vocabulary geek by obsession, terrible with names and birthdays by design and a passionate soul, seeking answers to questions unknown. I came to Liberia in 2011 for a surf trip which evolved into a dream to create an opportunity and has now become a reality.

If you would like you can find out more about me or take a look at my personal website via the link below.


Sean Brody

Co Owner / Director of Operations
This guy has been to more countries than most of us know exist via his amazing ability to make friends, smile, share love, surf and preserve memories. His trip to Liberia in 2009 was the spark that ignited Kwepunha Retreat. Without his love for this place, we would not be here. He is our Mesiah.

Learn more about Sean via his personal website or his non-profit Surf Resource Network.


Jared Lambert

House Manager
Then there was this kid. J.B. is the newest member of Kwepunha Retreat and a much needed boost to our management team. If you can find a child or street meat vendor here that doesn't know J.B's name then they aren't from Robertsport.


Team Kwepunha


Isaac Davies

Water Technician / Yard Maintenance
Isaac has worked his way up the ranks at Kwepunha to become one of our most valued team members. From hauling all of our house water by hand to being our well and water pump technician/house loud mouth is a well deserved transition.


Candace Sumo

House keeping / Cook
Candy is the main housekeeper at the Villas property and an amazing back up cook. She was referred to us by a staff member and has been crucial ever since.


Regina Doe

Regina has been helping us since the very beginning and is now a full time member of our team! She is one of the hardest working women in Robertsport and always knows where to find the freshest fish.


Charles McCrumada

Charles is a really special guy. From helping us in the early days when we didn't have enough to pay or hire him to today where is he a full time caretaker of the Kwepunha Villas property.


Alfred Gates

Generator / Water Pump Technician
Alfred is a talented man. He is the reason our lights come on every night and always makes sure our most important machines are running strong.


Emmanuel Freeman

Villas Groundskeeper / Host
If you get a chance, talk to Emmanuel cause this kid is smart and well spoken. He is also very passionate about groundskeeping and helping out however he can.


Sissy Yarngo

Sissy is Peter's younger sister and probably the most skilled person at hand washing clothes ever. She has an infectious smile and is always in a good mood.

Victor Hodge

Victor is the man of men. I spent a lot of time trying to find a good carpenter to partner with and I couldn't have found a better person. One of my closest friends in Liberia.